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At Dittman Incentive Marketing, we create unique incentive travel programs that turn your good salespeople into great ones, your channel partners into friends, your prospects into customers, and your employees into brand champions.

We create…not a trip, not a tour…but a travel experience for the mind, body, and soul. For if you want people to do great things, you need to provide compelling, irresistible reasons. So we craft for our clients travel programs that their audience (accurately) perceives that they could not duplicate no matter how much money they had or how willing they were to spend it.

We know the world because we’ve done programs all over the world. But more important than the geography, we know the rich uniqueness of every place on the face of Mother Earth, and we know how to bring it to life.

Ours is a collection of unique and talented individuals from diverse backgrounds who pursue their uniqueness by helping clients remember or rediscover theirs. We want the memories of your travel experience to last a lifetime so the winners will forever associate the joy of it with your core values and your brand promise.

This is, after all, a people business, where the skills and attitudes of those who work with you are critical to success. And we believe in creating enduring relationships that produce emotional gratification while generating inspiring business results.

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We move hearts and minds into action!

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